Series Production and Semi Custom Designs

Since setting up shop in 1974 the Perry design office is responsible for a long run of successful production boats. Several have become classics and many are highly prized in the used market. The list below contains series production boats designed by the Robert Perry office. The ones in current production contain links to the builders.


The Aloha 26 was launched in 1979 by Ouyang Boat Works in Canada. It is also known as Aloha 27 and 8.2.

The Aloha Owners Association has an informative website here.
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Baba 30, 35 and 40
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Bystedt 30
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Cheoy Lee

Cheoy Lee 35, 42 LRMS, 43 MS, 44 and 48

Cheoy Lee also built the Golden Wave 42.

Container Yachts

The Far Harbour 39 is designed to fit in a standard 40' shipping container
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Duffy Electric Boat Company

Duffy 22

The Duffys are common as water taxis and rental boats, and they are tough little boats. The 22 went from Newport Harbor around Catalina Island to Los Angeles Harbor on a single charge.
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The Esprit 37 was built by Nordic and Valiant at different times.
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Fairweather Mariner

Fairweather Mariner 38

Flying Tiger Boats

The Flying Tiger sport boats come in two sizes.
FT 10m and FT 7.5m.
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Hans Christian

Hans Christian 34.
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Islander Yachts

Islander built a very large number of boats to Perry designs, for detail see Yacht Design According to Perry.

The models are Islander 26, 28, 32, 34 and the Freeport 36 and 38.
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Lafitte 44 and 66.
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Mantra 38


Mirage 25, 26, 27, 30, 32 and 35.
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Nordic Yachts & Norstar Yachts

Nordic Yachts produced the Nordic 34, 40, 44 and 46 RS.

Norstar Yachts acquired the molds to the 40 and 44 and they are presently available as new builds.

Norstar 40, Norstar 44
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The Norseman 447 was built by Ta-Shing and came with either an aft or center cockpit.
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Pacific Seacraft

Pacific Seacraft offers the South Sea 61 in a semi custom build.
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Passport Yachts

Passport Yachts has been building Perry designs since 1979 when the Passport 40 was introduced. Over the years the line has grown and today the following models are available as new semi custom builds:

Passport 456 AC
Passport 470 AC
Passport 470 CC

Passport Vista 515 AC
Passport Vista 515 CC

Retired are the Passport 37, 40, 41, 44, 47, 456 CC, Vista 485 and 50.
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Perry 41, Perry 47.
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Perrywinkle Dinghy 8 & 10.
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Polaris 43.

Puget Trawler

Puget Trawler 37


Reliance 37 built in Canada
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Saga Yachts

Saga built three Perry designs, the 35, 43 and 48.
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Seamaster 46

South Pacific

South Pacific 42 built in New Zealand


Stanley 48


The Stevens Custom 53 is built by Xiamen Hansheng Yacht Building Co., which also builds the Passport, Flying Tiger and Outbound lines of boats.
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Ta Chiao

Ta Chiao built the CT 48, CT 54, CT 56, CT 65 and the Scorpio 72.

The photo on the right is a CT54 and the click through is a Scorpio 72.
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Tashiba by Ta-Shing

Ta-Shing built the Baba, Flying Dutchman and Panda designs, the Tashiba 31 and 36 are refinements of the Baba 30 and 35. The Tashiba 40 uses the same hull as the previous models. All models also came in pilot house versions. For more details go to the Tashiba Resource Page.

Tashiba 31, 36 and 40.
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Tatoosh 42 and 51.

Tayana Yachts

Tayana Yachts hit the jackpot when the yard commissioned Robert Perry to design a new cruising boat in response to the success of the Westsail 32. The result was the Tayana 37 introduced in 1975 with 588 built to date.

Tayana 37, Tayana 48 and Tayana 52
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Valiant Yachts

The Valiant 40 was highly controversial at its introduction in 1973, but became the cornerstone of the Perry design office. Since then it has become a classic and it was inducted into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 1997.

Valiant, 32, 40, 42, 47 and 50.
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Wentworth 17


Westsail 38
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